Motorcycle Charger

SEA to USB Motorcycle Adapter Diagonal View

SEA to USB Motorcycle Adapter Front View

Water & Dirt Resistant
Small & Lightweight
Rapid Charge
Use For Any Device

SEA to USB Motorcycle Adapter Back View
SEA to USB Motorcycle Adapter Front Zoom View

Quick, Easy & Ready To Use

No soldering or splicing wire harnesses. Simply connect the adapter to the battery via a trickle cable. There is no need for an awkward female cigar/cigarette lighter socket dangling from your bike to charge.

Rapid Charge

You will get a total rapid charge of 2.1A current output. Charge your smart phone, camera, GPS or MP3 player – anything that charges via a USB connection – while you ride.

Keep Connected When Not In Use

The manual on/off switch turns off controls power. Keep off to prevent battery power drain when your bike is not in use. Also, the silicon cap protects against and is resistant to water and dirt.

Portable, Small & Lightweight

Quickly disconnect and take wherever you go. Its design allows it to fit into small spaces such as tight jeans pockets.

Not Just For Motorbikes

This quick disconnect USB adapter can be used with any cable with a SAE connection including ATVs, quad bikes and speed boats.

Karch Kiraly


This is a fantastic product if you use battery maintainers on your vehicles (BatteryMinder, BatteryTender, etc type devices). If so you will usually have an SAE connection “permanently” attached to the battery in vehicle. Since this SAE connection is directly wired to your battery it is powered even when the ignition is OFF. Therefore, you can use this device to provide an USB charger for your USB devices like cell phones, tablets, etc. One great feature of this particular adapter is it has an ON/OFF switch so it is only powered when it is switched on and therefore won’t slowly drain your battery if left plugged (and turned off).