Car Charger

Apple Certified
3.1 A Power Output
Charges Two Devices
Robust Lightning Cable

Compatible With Latest Apple
Operating Systems

This car charger guarantees and error-free compatibility with iOS. Officially certified with a Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licence, it can charge iPhones, iPads, and iPods with a Lightning port via the attached Lightning connector.

Optimal Power Capacity With High Quality Circuitry

You’re ensured rapid charging of devices with it’s 3.1 A power output. Also has protection from overheating and short circuits

Double Charging

Two devices can be charged using this 8 pin connector car charger. The lightning connector is for Apple devices, while the USB socket works perfectly for any device that charge via a USB port.

UL Certified

Please check this link to see UL's online certification for this product.

LED Light Connection Indicator

Through its noticeable but non distracting LED light you can tell whether or not your phone is charging.

Strong 36 Inch Long Reinforced Cable

The reinforced cable ensures that the charger will not fall apart from repeated use. The cigar plug end of the Apple certified car charger fits standard cigar sockets in vehicles.

Precision Fit

The cigar plug end of the Apple certified car charger fits standard cigar sockets in vehicles.

MFi Certification

Please see this link to Apple's website and input Lightningfast as the brand to see that this charger is fully licensed by Apple.


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John Mac


The charger arrived quickly, and in good condition. It is fully Apple certified, so you won't get that nasty message about non approved accessory. Its straight cord is preferable to a coiled one, the amps are high, so your device will charge quickly, and the extra USB outlet is a real plus for charging or using another device simultaneously. The LED light is subtle, but not blinding, like some others. Build quality seems good with a nice fit in socket, with just enough protrusion to have a good grip for insertion and removal, unlike the stubby Apple one. This is a case of paying a little extra and actually getting a lot for it. Great Product!