20W Mini
Power Delivery
Wall Charger

20 Watt Power Delivery
~1 Inch2 Face
LED Power Indicator
Robust Build
Easy Grip Sides

20W Power Delivery Rapid charge

The internal chip set makes sure that optimal current is applied to your device with Power Delivery technology.

Type-C Port

The USB C charger port allows any type-c cable (not included) to connect and flow power to your wireless device, be it Apple or any other brand, such as Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel.

Small, Light, & Portable

Approximately 1 inch3 in size, treat this mini fast charging block as a spare and take anywhere with you. Keep in a jacket or bag for use in emergencies.

Multi-Safety Chip System

Equipped with an internal chip set that protects from overheating and short circuits.

ETL Certified

Reliable, robust, and safety test by a leading laboratory.

Blue LED

The LED will glow with power.

Perfect Fit

The wall plug end is precision made to fit standard sockets.

Side Grips

Allow you to handle the charger easily to push and pull out of outlets.


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