Wall Charger

Apple Certified Wall Charger Black Right

Apple Certified Wall Charger Black Whole

Apple Certified
Fold Away Metal Prongs
Rapid 2A Charge
Robust Lightning Cable

Apple Certified Wall Charger Close
Apple Certified Wall Charger Cell Charge

error-free compatibility with iOS. Officially certified with a Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licence, it can charge iPhones, iPads, and iPods with a Lightning port via the attached Lightning connector.

Neat Fold Away Metal Prongs

The portable wall charger has fold away pins for safe storage during transport.

Rapid 2A Charge

The charger allows for a steady and fast current flow to your device, so you will keep connected to your family, friends, and the internet whenever you need.

Multi-Safety Chip System

Equipped with an internal chip set that protects from overheating and short circuits. You will save money from buying replacements for both the charger and your device.

Perfect Fit

The wall plug end is precision made to fit standard sockets and the connector end has a streamline design that allows for convenient connection of your – no need to remove your iPhone case when charging.

Sleek One Piece Design

The plug and the connector are connected permanently for your convenience. With a 39 inch cable, this wall charger has a sleek and compact design that is very handy for transport.


Danielle Callahan


Dude. No lie. I connect this to my phone and insert it into the outlet and BAM! My phone charges. It is as if the almighty God we call Thor gathered up all his power to charge my cellular device. I highly recommend this product.